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Hill View Hotel


Hill View Hotel is a new luxurious hotel in Mbeya City.  Hill View Hotel is set in a leafy suburb within Mbeya’s Diplomatic Area of Uzunguni along Kaunda Avenue just a walking distance to the Mbeya City centre. The Hotel offers a panoramic view of Mbeya and Loleza Hills and also entire city of Mbeya. Hillview Hotel,KAUNDA AVENUE

Mbeya Hotel Limited


Since 2005, Mbeya Hotel has been keeping guests happy. We’re here to make sure your stay in Mbeya is pleasant and memorable. We are a family-owned business and do our best to provide quality service to our guests. Kaunda Avenue

Mbeya Golden City Hotel Limited


Mbeya Golden City Hotel Limited  is a place of comfort, peace and harmony combined with elegance and modern 24 Hours in room services. Surrounded by beautiful gardens of lovely flowers and cool weather of Mbeya City, coupled with modern balcons for enjoying the City’s view while staying in our hotel – Mbeya Golden City Hotel Limited is your home away from home. Sae Area

Mount Livingstone Hotel


The Hotel is about 19 years in operation.It has been the leading Hotel in the Southern Highlands part of Tanzania till now.Located at the centre of town and at the foot of Mount Loleza.It is 26 km from the International Airport and 2km from local airport. Located at the centre of town and at the foot of Mount Loleza

GR City Hotel


Welcome to GR city Hotel is where your comfort is our priority for the visitors seeking to have a real feel and Mbeya GR City hotel is the place that ensure you achieve just that.  Soweto Area

Beaco Resort


A modern bar which flows with a variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks. From MexicanTequilla to Scotch whisky, to Spanish Cocktails to Russian Mocktails,e.t.c  Tunduma Road, Near St. Marys School